Japanese Language Study

Language Leap was originally designed for students and instructors of Japanese to help facilitate the many difficult aspects of this language. For this reason, when you select Japanese as your Study Language from the settings, there are additional features available to you.

The following section details these additional features.

Reviewing Katakana - the Dictionaries Menu will include an additional menu choice - Load All Katakana. This feature allows you to create an Issue tab containing only Katakana entries in your main dictionary.

JMdict/EDICT support - JMdict is an online Japanese dictionary based on the electronic dictionaries compiled and collected by Jim Breen. The main Japanese–English dictionary file contains thousands of entries which you can use to search from using the Language Leap Dictionary Manager.

For information regarding this dictionary please go to Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

To add the JMdict file to Language Leap, do the following:

  1. Download the xml dictionary file from the edrdg.org website - JMdict_e.gz (Note - you must have decompression software to extract the dictionary file from the compressed .gz source)
  2. Once you have extracted JMdict_e successfully, move it to the Language Leap User Data Dictionary folder. You may access the User Data folder by selecting File - Open User Data Folder.
  3. Re-Launch Language Leap. The Dictionary Manager will now have an additional tab - WWWJDICT. Use this feature to search for vocabulary from thousands of entries.

Kanji Dictionary - the Language Leap kanji dictionary contains the readings and meanings of the Joyo Kanji list based on Japanese Grade Level, Japanese Language Placement Tests, or by user entry. The Kanji dictionary will search your Libraries for any vocabulary you have added containing the selected kanji, providing a way to reinforce what you have already studied.